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Now you can find the typical luxury car style, both for exteriors and interiors, on your Astore, shaped lines and sharp edges, all 3D formed sheet metal gives you the pleasure to watch your plane for hours before stepping inside it! Astore is a technology concentrate and you can find this for each single config. For the first time the Apple iPad Mini is part of the standard equipment for your flying and free time pleasure. Loudspeakers, Bose Headsets, and LEVIL AHRS equip. to make your iPad a funny EFIS are also available as optionals and so the possibility to lock the aircraft by remote control. You'll be always able to have any equipment and any component under your control: hearing music uploaded on your iPad at home, answering your phone, using WiFi connection with LEVIL-AHRS and pitot-static system in order to display on iPad attitude & Speed/ALT/GPS parameters.

Or simply compute the actual Weight and Balance, looking at procedures, checklists, POH with Tecnam Astore app (pre-installed on your iPad) is now possible! There is a wide selection of standard and optional equipments that will make your flight experience relaxing: watching a movie on the iPad, hearing your favourite music via bluetooth on your Bose headphones or Loudspeakers, allow your passenger to fly without control stick.... all this flying 15km/liter! Seating inside the Astore is a singular experience: you will see yourself involved into a unique interiors design and soft materials, always with a great visibility and with all controls and switches that can be fastly reached. The 4-points safety belt is self regulating and in order to ensure your safety the ballistic parachute can be fitted on demand.

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